At Skydive Holiday we guarantee maximum exhilaration and the ultimate in skydiving expertise. We specialise in Accelerated Freefall courses - AFF courses - and we organise holidays in Portugal, Spain and the USA, where the climate is perfect for the extreme sport of skydiving. We organise monthly courses that take place during a week to ten-day holiday.

Getting the most of your skydiving training is often determined by the weather. At Skydive Holiday, we ensure you get the most out of your skydiving holiday by taking you to the most consistent conditions in Portugal, Spain or the USA.

In addition to AFF courses, we provide an extensive range of training packages, including formation skydiving, canopy handling, freefly, wind tunnel coaching and tandem jumps.

Our skydiving holiday packages provide the ideal opportunity for you to hone your skydiving skills with the support of fully qualified British instructors. Our skydiving team is exceptionally qualified and highly experienced in all skydiving disciplines.

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